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The 5WC: Who was Where When by What they Connected to.

Geolocation Evidence and Intelligence is the process of identifying and acquiring the location of the device of a person based on the digital information imprinted by their connection.

Exploitable Connection Technologies

  • Cell technologies
  • WiFi access points
  • Bluetooth
  • App exhaust
  • Telematics
  • IP address

Tactical Options

  • Reactive: Physical Seizure Review
  • Search: Appreciation of Opportunities
  • Proactive: Advanced Tactical Catalysts
  • Topographic Impacts

Advanced Investigative Solutions

  • X-net
  • ICRs
  • M-IPAR
  • COPM
  • RFA
  • CHIS

(LEA enquiries only)


The foundation of admissible evidence from disparate digital sources is the provenance, integrity and continuity of that data. Of the utmost importance is the attribution of that data to a device and the device to the person.

Examples include WhatsApp, WeChat, clubs, relationships and more.


Geolocation Evidence and Intelligence

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A consultant with a wealth of operational experience in the Location Data space working with law enforcement agencies, government, the telecommunications industry and wider public authorities; a Subject Matter Expert and Tactical Advisor to UK's NPCC. Commended by the Central Criminal Court on the use of Communications Data in Evidence; going on to receive the acclaim of NPCC Digital Investigator of the Year. A passion for innovation that empowers the frontline, I have led on solutions through to deployment of EndPoint data discovery systems.

I improve the efficiency and outcomes of investigations through the lawful exploitation of location data designed to enhance Main Lines of Enquiry with access to complex software designed to visualise evidence and intelligence ensures accessibility to all.

This experience and deep understanding of the challenges faced enables you to benefit from bespoke advice, solutions and mentoring. Reach out now to enhance your capability in the fight against serious and organised crime across the United Kingdom and beyond.


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